A partnership of trusted industry veterans.

Automated closed system instrumentation for cell processing

Paradigm shift in cell culture tailored to the needs of cell therapy

GMP reagents with capacity to scale

Bringing together proven tools and technologies from Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf, ScaleReady provides superior and simple solutions for cell culture, cell activation, gene editing, and cell processing.

The ScaleReady platform includes G-Rex® cell culture technology, the Lovo and Cue cell processing systems, and a wide range of GMP proteins, reagents, media, and gene editing technologies.

ScaleReady - Bringing the future of cell & gene therapies to life.

Bringing the future of cell & gene therapies to life.

ScaleReady offers a powerful & versatile platform for cell therapy manufacturing.

The Cue Cell Processing System is just one of our breakthrough technologies that will make your cell therapy a reality.